• Power Supply: AC/DC 12V – 24V
  • Bluetooth module 4.1 (BLE) – 2,4 GHz frequency – built in antenna
  • 2 Outputs – Open Collector 2A @ 24 V
  • 2 Relay SPST – 2A @ 24 V
  • IP65 Case



Android 4.2 and higher

iOS 10 and higher

Bluetooth LE 4.0 or higher.


T-Gate is compatible with any type of radio control receiver and automation


Can I use a T-Gate Control with both Android and iOS smartphones?

Yes. A single T-Gate Control Unit can operate with both Android and iOS smartphones.

Is it possible to use T-Gate in parallel with existing remote controls?

Yes. T-Gate can work together with existing remote controls. One user can use the old remote control while the other will use T-Gate

How many smartphones can manga a single T-Gate Control?

Infinte. A single T-Gate Control can be used by a infinite user.

Which automations are compatible with T-Gate?

T-Gate can be installed on any automation.

Does T-Gate need the remote control codes to be configured on the automation?

No. T-Gate has no relationship with the remotes or receivers already installed.

Can I use T-Gate to turn on the lights or control the irrigation system?

Yes. T-Gate Control has four outputs that can be used in any way.

T-Gate / Gate Control

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