Awesome! I have no longer worry about forget remote control and I do not risk to forget it into the car when i use my scooter. I had two remote control, one for the apartment and the other one for the beach house. Now I use just my smartphone !

Renato C.

Using T-Gate my employees enter the company using their smartphone. I know who and when he arrived at the office and I have no more problems with lost or broken cards. Our company has multiple locations and, using T-Gate, I can manage them all even from my mobile phone.


– Maglificio Ciarrocchi

With T-Gate I offer my condominiums an extremely safe solution, no more risk about unauthorized access. When I need to granted access to a maintainer I just send him a temporary digital key !

Evelina Mezzasalma

– Amministratrice Condomino, Era Studio

Amazing !!! Since we use T-Gate our life has changed, we have no longer to wait for the late guests that come back into our accommodations. No more argument about multiple card (one for each family member). Now each guest has his digital key. A key they can’t loose !

Carmelo Brancato

– Nuovo Castello Crisilio